How To: Carry your skis

Want to look cool walking to your first ski lesson? Here's a short video which shows your how to carry your skis properly and make it easier to walk.

  • Secure skis before carrying: Place the bases of the skis together and slide one ski down so the brakes interlock.
  • Carrying for short distances: To carry your skis properly for short distances, lift from behind the heel piece of the binding furthest away from you.  If the skis slide apart when you lift them, turn them round and lift with the other heel piece.
  • For longer distances: For walking a little further it is easier to carry the skis on your shoulder.  Keep your hand close to the front of the skis and the toe bindings close to your shoulder.
  • Safety: Take care not to hit people as you turn around! Carry poles in your opposite hand. If you're in a beginner ski school lesson, look out for others who might be new to skiing.

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