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"Returning to skiing after c25 years last year, the LGS instructor helped me consolidate my learning from last year and helped me progress to ski confi..."

What You Have To Say

Andy is a great instructor, and so kind which helps learning to ski and enjoy your time on the slopes!
Mirjam & Kenzo, 03/2020

Once again a fantastic experience! Will be coming back next year!
Georgios Antoniades, 03/2020

According to our boys, Kev was calm, reassuring, happy, friendly and super cool!! We will 100% book him again.
Helen Wilner, 03/2020

Pete's instruction was very good refreshing us with the basics of skiing, and also using our other sports/hobbies as a good analogy to skiing skills.
Chris and Barbara, 03/2020

Excellent instruction.
Ruth Ince, 03/2020



Positive - we all finished the week much more confident and capable because we practiced what Kev taught us during the lesson.
Christine, 03/2020

Our children have always looked forward to the lessons. Peter is more like a friend to them.
Eve Taylor, 03/2020

Invaluable learnings of technique and also very personable and enjoyable experience with Tim
Phil Green, 03/2020

My 4 year old son absolutely loved his lessons with Pete, he was so patient, fun and engaging. They were my sons first ski lessons and he is already asking when he is having another lesson with Pete!
Chloe Baxter, 03/2020

Fantastic experience, really grateful for your expert guidance and patience in helping me progress throughout the week - thanks Tim!
Lisa Journeaux, 03/2020

The lesson was great. Kev is a great teacher. If we come back to Les gets I would not hesitate to use you again.
Victoria, 02/2020

The new Teen Explorers sessions provided the perfect setting for our daughter to increase her experience and skill at skiing a variety of terrain and at a pace that her parents can no longer keep up with!
Abigail Huntington, 02/2020

Pete assessed our ability and really helped us progress in a short space of time. We started as complete beginners and he allowed us to have a complete ski holiday as by the end of the week we even completed red slopes by using his techniques.
Kirsty Boardman, 02/2020

I asked lizzie about her lessons her response... 'Pete was brilliant and the lessons were great fun!!'
Jill Gribble, 02/2020

Great lessons for both the adults and children. Worked really hard and developed our skills a lot during the time.
Rebecca Noyce, 02/2020

I had my twin boys with Pete and they not only enjoyed the lessons but came out as more improved and confident skiers by the end of the week. Be back next year
Sri, 02/2020

The lesson was great. Kev is a great teacher. If we come back to Les Gets I would not hesitate to use you again.
Victoria, 02/2020

Tim was very helpful and analysed the faults in my skiing technique quickly and gave me simple advice that improved my skiing a lot.
Liam Wilson, 02/2020

Both kids had a brilliant time in their ski lessons, both improving loads and having such fun as they learnt! Tim and Pete treated them as individuals tailoring the lessons to get the best out of them. Thank you so much!
C Richardson, 02/2020

Second year of lessons with LGS for our two children, and Kev picked up just where Andy left off last year - fantastic! Would highly recommend!
Richard Brian, 02/2020

My grandson said it was the best ski lessons ever! Tim was always prompt, professional and friendly. Great picking up at the top of the bubble.
Alison Hollands, 02/2020

Our fourth year with LGS and a key reason we return to Les Gets. Superb instruction, great balance of learning technique while having fun and building confidence. Sophie and Cesca describe their lessons as fun and supportive, Pete was always there when we needed him to give us advice.
Claire Brown, 02/2020

From booking right through to the end of my last lesson Tim was great , clear concise instruction and enjoyable lessons made it a total pleasure to learn from Tim and his knowledge of Les Gets and surrounding areas is brilliant. Can’t recommend LGS enough.
Graeme Walton, 02/2020

Professional, friendly, organised, brilliant fun. Made the whole weeks experience fantastic.
Ness Cowdrey, 02/2020

Excellent teaching, significant improvement in our skiing ability and confidence on the slopes, thank you!
Sophie and Oliver Bowyer, 02/2020

Pete was v quick to make me feel at ease, capture my concerns and plan our session accordingly. His clear instruction immediately alleviated my fear and changed my attitude to skiing for the rest of my trip. 3 simple tips = game changer! Thank you Pete
Kirsty Parkin, 02/2020

Pete recently helped our 4 year old Daughter Eliza with an introduction to Skiing. Kind and patient with her, couldnt have asked for more. She really enjoyed the lessons, despite some tears (to be expected) and definately wants to keep up skiing.
Paul Head, 02/2020

Our boys were with Pete last year, They were are very excited when I told them he was going to teach them again. That says it all for me! Thank you
Sam Havler, 02/2020

Tim was able to remind me of a few fundamentals to get me back on the slopes after a long time. Really helped my confidence.
Clare, 02/2020

Pete did a great job of teaching my 17 year old son new skills and helping me change my out of date technique learnt 30 years ago!
Richard Batty, 02/2020

I found that 1 hr lesson to be the best money I spent all week. I learned more in that hour than I did in a week of classes with ESF who I had booked with before I traveled. We did 4 lifts in one hour in a absolute blizzard but I enjoyed every second of it and took so much from it. Will definitely be using LGS on my next ski holiday.
Patrick Flannery, 02/2020

Hello Tim. I loved skiing with you, you are the best ski instructor I have had. I enjoyed doing the black, it was the best run on earth!
Dylan (age 8), 02/2020

Dear Tim. Thank you so much for teaching me more about skiing, you made it more fun (which I didn't know it was possible), On the last day I even managed to do a 360 which I was so proud of and i am getting better at landing my jumps. Many thanks.
Molly (age 11), 02/2020

Returning to skiing after c25 years last year, the LGS instructor helped me consolidate my learning from last year and helped me progress to ski confidently on my own. Would recommend.
Lorraine, 02/2020

Amazing! This was the 1st time I’ve had an English instructor, and some of the tips Pete gave me have transformed both my skiing, and my understanding of what I was supposed to be doing! He also did a fantastic job of showing us the resort, even down to recommending brilliant piste side restaurants. Thank you.

Both our children thoroughly enjoyed their time skiing with Tim and by the end of the week had grown in both confidence and skill and had had great fun at the same time!
Sarah Ramsay, 02/2020

Fantastic! I wanted lessons where English was first language as my 6 yr old is very anxious. Both kids loved it and Pete and Andy were great with them.
Caroline Wade, 02/2020

Tim you did a great job. We were really happy.
James Roper, 02/2020

Pete was an amazing instructor built my confidence and took me to lots of slopes I wouldn’t have gone to on my own. Highly recommend.
Frank Virgilio, 02/2020

Miller was a nervous skier and Tim made him feel totally at ease and it was his favourite part of the holiday!
Rob da Bank, 02/2020

Just what we needed to move our technique on.
Robert and Rosy Ferguson, 02/2020

As this was our first time on the slopes, Pete turned the potentially daunting experience of learning to ski into a completely fun and very manageable one. Consequently, after only a few hours of lessons we had the skills to turn a good, fun holiday into an excellent one.
David and Grace Hardie, 02/2020

5 hours of private lessons and felt like I had 50! Noticed such improvement and confidence has completely transformed.
Caroline Radford, 02/2020

Straightforward and easy to book. Experienced and kind teacher.
Annette, 02/2020

Thoroughly enjoyable set of lessons. I’m shocked at how much I improved - thank you so much Tim. See you next year!
Meg, 02/2020

An excellent lesson that did exactly what I wanted - gave me a few things to change about my skiing. The lesson helped my confidence and technique enormously.
Sara Brown, 02/2020

My wife and I had one to one private lessons we both improved due the the excellent instruction.
Peter Lupino, 02/2020

LGS tuition is first class. We faced blizzard type conditions on the day but this didn’t spoil the experience due to Kevin’s expert guidance and calm approach to the art of skiing. We learnt a number of tips and tricks that will take our skiing to the next level.
Fergus Clawson, 02/2020

Fun, positive lessons with remarkable results - great confidence builder

Tim provided excellent tuition that was individually tailored to our needs. We have greatly improved our skiing and lessons have really contributed to our overall holiday enjoyment.
Ian and Dee Snudden, 02/2020

The kids loved it, got on really well with Andy and he had them skiing in a couple of days. We'll be back next year and be rebooking.
John and Gemma Treby, 02/2020

Kev immediately assessed our abilities and tailored the subsequent lessons to ensure we made material advances without risking confidence setbacks.
Michael Rees, 02/2020

Tim was excellent. Very patient and helped me focus on a couple of key things which worked well for me.
Susan Couper, 01/2020

Tim provided an excellent day of guiding and help with our skiing technique, which is just what we wanted. My daughter and myself had a wonderful day. Thank you so much Tim.
Damian & Daisy, 01/2020

LGS was a really professional experience, from the booking to the lesson to the follow on - really enhanced the rest of my holiday, thanks Tim
Simon Gillibrand, 01/2020

Our third year of lessons with Tim and we are delighted with the results. He has the knack of focusing on key areas that make a real difference and inspires confidence on the slopes. A great coach and good company, he gives productive and enjoyable lessons.
Antonia Clements, 01/2020

Excellent consolidation session for my wife - just what was requested. She came again brimming with confidence. Could not have been a better experience. Well done LGS and Andy.
Jonathan Charlton, 01/2020

Thanks Kev. Totally attuned to my quiet little neice who came out skiing with confidence!
Anita Gulati, 01/2020

We progressed so much within 2 hours, Pete was a very good instructor and instilled so much confidence within the first hour. Well worth the cost of the lessons.
Stewart Curwen, 01/2020

Andy is a great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. No-one in our group was left behind and everyone improved and left the holiday feeling confident for next year!

I loved my lessons with Tim. Being a beginner, he is patient and fantastic at teaching me how to ski. I can't wait to return for further lessons next year.
Emma Best, 01/2020

An ideal week of lessons for the children, allowing them to progress their skiing and having a great time at the same time.
Alistair Graham, 01/2020

Great experience Andy did exactly what we asked for- to give us confidence to tackle more challenging runs and some “survival” techniques to help us get out of trouble
Lindsay Occleston, 01/2020

Second year of fantastic skiing lessons with Tim. We worked on developing my technique and improving confidence so I could enjoy some red runs!Second year of fantastic skiing lessons with Tim. We worked on developing my technique and improving confidence so I could enjoy some red runs!
Laura, 01/2020

I had Kevin teach me for the second year running. He was fantastic, pushed me and improved my technique. I look forward to re booking with him next year.
Hywel, 01/2020

Fantastic lesson, friendly helpful and tailored the communication to our hobbies to help improve us individually. Five star.
Clare O'Brien & Georgia Howell, 01/2020

We booked lessons for the Mums and Pete was brilliant, patient and understanding with us all. Following three shared private lessons I felt much more confident in tackling slopes (even Myrtle!) that I would have avoided previously, and even my children commented at the difference in speed and confidence. My boys had free rider lessons with Kev, who was attentive and exacting, which the kids responded to and noticeably improved in their techniques. It has been invaluable returning to LGS for the last 5 years for lessons for the boys as this continuity has been very important in reinforcing and refining technique, whilst constantly being taught about safety on the mountain.
Mohini Coppell, 01/2020

An inspiring 3 hours for my girls with Andy yet again, a real blast around the mountain doing all the runs I'm too scared/old to do, with lots of good ski tips along the way. Thank you.
Sally Campbell, 01/2020

The boys absolutely loved their lessons with Kev and i'd like to thank him for adjusting the pattern of the lessons so that he had time to take the boys to more challenging terrain on Mont Chery. Also just wanted to add that the lessons my friends booked - for the mums (with Pete) and the girls (with Tim) were once again brilliant and we all felt our technique improved.

That was our first ever experience of a winter holiday and being on skis we so enjoyed the experience. Andy was so patient with us and such a nice chap.
Mark & Lorraine, 01/2020

Excellent friendly and fun lessons tailored to individual needs.
Lisa Hewitt, 01/2020

Very professional. Instructors are all very friendly and knowledgeable.

Pete is a wonderful instructor and my daughter enjoyed every lesson with him.
Olivia Morton, 01/2020

Really patient instructors with a great sense of humour.
Hema Amin, 12/2019

Incredibly patient and explained everything in a way that was easily understood by new skiers. Encouraging also.
Leah and Elouise, 12/2019

We all enjoyed our lessons with Pete. The kids especially progressed quickly within them which made for a great weeks skiing. We would definitely use LGS again.
Georgina Loom, 12/2019

Andy made sure we were all ready to enjoy skiing for the rest of our holiday, he has worked hard to make sure we can all get down most blues and reds. We also have skills to work on too!
Judith Yeo, 12/2019

Have used LGS for a number of years and can't recommend the instructors highly enough. Both freerider courses and private tuition are excellent. Thanks Kev and Pete for fantastic lessons for my children and I last week.
Rachel Madley, 04/2019

Tim was extremely reassuring and completely competent. It was my first time skiing, not only did I learn, I enjoyed also.
Alana Cosker, 04/2019

Both our children were complete skiing novices, they have come away from the holiday wanting to try out red runs. Kevin gave the boys confidence, skiing technique and instilled a love of the sport - just what we wanted.
Emma Whittaker, 04/2019

Kev's coached my 10 year old and she progressed beautifully. By the end of the week she could do parallel turns down black runs when compared to the previous year she had to snow plough down the same run! Thanks Kev.
Simon Hughes, 04/2019

We all really enjoyed our lessons thank you
Susie Bradshaw, 04/2019

Pete unlocked a door for my husband so he now skis with more confidence, enjoys it and is very keen to go skiing next year ( as opposed to being reluctant and unconfident). What more can one say?!

Yet again both our boys have had a fantastic week’s skiing with LGS with lots of fun and excellent tuition- thank you.
Elizabeth Whittington, 04/2019

Great experience, Luke loved his lessons and improved greatly through the week.
Ben Readdy, 04/2019

Our girls had 2 fabulous weeks with you all and have improved massively in confidence and ability.
Kelly P, 04/2019

Next time we come, we will ask for Tim again. Amazing improvement and great fun. Expensive but worth the money to get the kids competent and enjoying skiing!
Fiona, 04/2019

As always excellent tutors.
Suzanne Mcloughlin, 04/2019

After LGS having taught our sons to ski beginning 10 years ago when they were very small, they now wanted to try snowboarding, Not only did they learn and love their lessons , they also loved the chat with Pete during their two hour slots. Such great instructors.

Just to say that my children (8, 6, 4, first time skiing) had a brilliant time last week with Pete. What patience and kindness he showed, and I'm really proud of them all. Even if they only want to ski with him now, not me..."WHERE'S PETE?!"
Kieran Clifton, 04/2019

Pete Baker was wonderful with our 6 year old granddaughter and she had great fun whilst learning lots too during her first ever skiing experience!
Val Hall, 04/2019

Really great lessons! Tim was very calm and perceptive to my needs and I really progressed under his clear explanations. Felt secure because he understood where I was at and in turn I started to relax and my confidence grew. Thank you.
Nicky Newton, 03/2019

Peter was informative and helpful. Allowed us to tailor lessons to our specific requirements.
Ben Henderson, 03/2019

Fun, professional and safe. My confidence which was lacking, came on great guns as did my skiing. Considerable improvement in a short space of time. My friends thought I was a different person!
Lesley Beesley, 03/2019

The whole experience was excellent. We really enjoyed our lessons with both instructors - they both had different styles and techniques but we learned so much from both lessons. We would have no hesitation in recommending you and using you again in the future. Thank you!
Donna and Ciara, 03/2019

Thank you LGS for an enjoyable week. The coaching provided by Tim was excellent and I was up and running by the end of the week.
James, 03/2019

A very smooth booking process and a brilliant teacher for our three children. Andy adapted the lessons to suit their different needs and massively increased their confidence in and enjoyment of skiing.
Jess Wood, 03/2019

Very easy to book. The boys enjoyed their time with Kev and developed their skills a lot.
Janet Manning, 03/2019

Tim was a really nice instructor who tailored the lessons to suit my needs. I enjoyed 2x2hour lessons and I definitely felt more confident afterwards. Would highly recommend and use again if I return to Les Gets.
Lesley, 03/2019

My son had poor experience of local ski schools in the past so really important he enjoyed these lessons. He came back with a big smile, confident and happy to have more lessons. Would use again and recommend.
David Henderson, 03/2019

We felt the additional expense over ESF was worth every penny. Small classes, English instructor, tailored individual tuition for each child, lots of feedback at the end of each class. Both kids improved loads!
Abi Rudd, 03/2019

Excellent Team!! You have a Client here!!
Pureza Mello, 03/2019

Another great year with LGS for both adults and children. My only complaint - my daughter definitely now ski's better than me!
Abigail Huntington, 03/2019

The girls (13 and 14) both really enjoyed their lesson with Tim, they learned some great, individually tailored, technique-enhancing tweaks, which they were then able to apply for the rest of our week skiing as a family. I would definitely book again with LGS and recommend our experience to others. Tim really put them at their ease had they had a lot of fun.
Jenny Dunkin, 03/2019

Pete was great at assessing what we both wanted and how we could improve. It transformed my skiing; having had an accident a few years back lots was mental and I just needed someone to get me doing what I needed to do!
Annie Davis, 03/2019

Pete was absolutely brilliant with our daughter Alba and we would 100% book him again should we come back to Les Gets!
Olivia Morton, 03/2019

Really good helpful advice for a nervous beginner.
Paul Sullivan, 02/2019

Usual great service!!
Anthony Slater, 02/2019

Great lessons, good class sizes, well organised. All four boys in our group came back energised and confident. Feedback was honest and helpful to them.
Colin Smith, 02/2019

Andy was superb - he gave our daughter belief in her skiing ability and confidence which meant the rest of the week was much more enjoyable
Simon Huins, 02/2019

Lovely to have English speaking instructors within a small group, very nice, competent guys, kids loved it and can't wait to go again.
Gill Carr, 02/2019

Tim was on time, friendly and helpful. Everything I had hoped for. He made an effort to keep things chatty which I appreciated.
Chloe Michael, 02/2019

Tim was excellent, he listened to my needs and delivered lessons that suited perfectly. My skiing improved and I had an excellent week.
David Tugwell, 02/2019

Fantastic group session with Kev and Tim for two children within our group. Both children made significant strides forward with their skiing over the course of 5 half-days instruction.
Jo, 02/2019

The children had so much fun whilst learning they were literally buzzing after the lessons.
Merrick Smith, 02/2019

The fact we plan to book for next year says it all !!
Jim Ross, 02/2019

The kids loved the ski lessons and found Tim to be a great instructor. My wife also found the private lesson very worthwhile.
Keith McPherson, 02/2019

Excellent experience! Tim was friendly and informative. He was also excellent with our 10yr old daughter. We will definitely book Tim again when returning to Les Gets.
Jill Gribble, 02/2019

Pete was great with the kids, he made it fun and my son Tom even said he enjoyed it more than Florida! The kids skiing very much improved and most importantly they loved it, thanks to Pete.
Jane Williams, 02/2019

After years of skiing and lessons with ESF I felt finally my skiing improved thanks to Kevin’s Friendly manner and great insight. He explained the concepts simply.
Denise Toscani, 02/2019

Outstanding. Kids loved it and clearly inspired to improve. Massive progress achieved whilst having lots of fun.
C Richardson, 02/2019

We had a fantastic time having private lessons with Andy and Kev. They both really pushed us on and I did my first black run which was awesome!
Gwyneth Nurse, 02/2019

The last time I skied was 26 years’ ago! The LGS instructors improved my basic technique in just 3 days so that I was able to relax and thoroughly enjoy the skiing.
Lorraine Bewes, 02/2019

To see the three boys wanting to leave us (the parents) and go off with Pete was a great feeling. Knowing they safe and learning made our holiday, thank you.
Sam Havler, 02/2019

Really easy and efficient bookin process. Expert tuition from Tim and Pete, adapted according to their assessment of abilities and confidence levels. Great progress made. Will definitely be back to LGS.
Rowena Redfern, 02/2019

Really happy to have chosen LGS to get back into skiing! Kev was a very helpful, kind and fun instructor! Thank you!
Newsha, 02/2019

Charlie has achieved so much over the last three years under Andy's tutoring and he gains competence and confidence in equal measure, but most importantly he loves Andy's tuition and has fun learning.
Claire Howarth, 02/2019

Tim left me with enough thoughts and suggestions to practice and help take my skiing forwards. Even the next day my group commented on the positive changes.
Scott Hargrave, 02/2019

Kev and Pete were both excellent instructors and really pushed me to achieve a lot in six hours. Their knowledge and patience were very much appreciated and they've set me up to enjoy skiing for life!

Excellent experience. Tim is very personable and patient with beginners, and obviously an expert in his field. I really enjoyed learning how to ski and planning already to come back next winter!
George Antoniades, 02/2019

Super lesson with Kev as usual. Great to blow away the cobwebs and brush up on techniques to make everything feel easier. Great confidence booster
Ali C., 02/2019

Andy was great with the kids who thoroughly enjoyed their week of morning lessons. All positive!
Peter Gentilli, 02/2019

Second year of working with LGS and cannot recommend highly enough. Feel in v safe hands with v experienced instructors. Can’t wait to book lessons with LGS again next year.
Helen Virgilio, 02/2019

Brilliant. Pete is hands down THE BEST instructor we’ve ever used. His teaching approach just makes so much sense!
Carol Evans, 02/2019

Andy quickly assessed my level and needs after surgery and missing a season. After two lessons I was skiing confidently again.
Elizabeth, 01/2019

Professional, competent lessons. Andy is an amazing teacher, extremely patient and at the same time pushing to improve in small steps. I highly recommend LGS.

Pete was kind, patient and encouraging. Just what I needed. I made great progress and felt supported at all times. A great experience.
Vanda Murray, 01/2019

Tim spent 2 lessons with my 7 Year Old Son, he certainly put us at ease with his connection with Joshua, made him feel very welcome, and since returning to the UK Joshua has been telling all his school friends about his new best friend. Id also say both my wife and myself were shocked at how quickly Joshua picked it up, down to Tim's Guidance. Many Thanks again
Stephen Finken, 01/2019

Tim is a great instructor. He gave loads of really useful tips without overloading with info. I had loads of fun whilst building confidence which really improved my skiing throughout the week.
Laura Occleston, 01/2019

Great private lessons with Tim and Andy. Our 4th year with LGS so speaks for itself.
Julie LeBlanc-Smith, 01/2019

Everyone in our group had great feedback about Andy's lessons - a practical approach and also a lot of patience which gave everyone the confidence to do really well. We will definitely be back next year and I have already passed on your details to another person.

Andy was a great instructor, helped me gain both experience and confidence! If we are out to Les Gets again, I will be booking him again for some refresher lessons!
Hollie Vase, 01/2019

It has been a simple, no-nonsense, friendly experience with everyone I have met from LGS. Pete, my instructor, is extremely easy to talk to and his experience is evident in his coaching style. All my pre-booking communication was with Tim who was consistently quick and helpful in providing feedback! Thank you all!
Michael James, 01/2019

A private lesson with Tim was a pefect introduction to skiing for me and my son.
Lisa Madeira, 01/2019

Tim did an excellent job of providing everyone in our group with advice and the opportunity to improve despite some poor visibility and quite tough conditions on the day.
Derek Lewis, 01/2019

Friendly, helpful, positive and great with children and adults alike.
Fiona Spencer-Jones, 01/2019

The lessons were excellent due to the extensive experience of the trainers.
Rafat Faris, 01/2019

My daughter has really enjoyed her lessons and wishes Andy was teaching her every day of her holiday not just the 2 x 2hr private lessons we booked for her.
Lindsey Stavrou, 01/2019

Great tuition, top friendly advice and skilled guidance ensure value for money and a great overall experience
Chris Rumney, 01/2019

Excellent thanks to Tim & Kev - Erin learnt to ski, the penny dropped for Mark and he can parallel ski now and Karen confidence was boosted despite a broken hand!! See you again next year.
Mark Pettit, 01/2019

Another amazing experience with LGS where we all learnt so much and our skiing progressed beyond our expectations for just one week's instruction. Thank you LGS and see you next year!
Jackie Baker, 01/2019

Totally amazed with the progress our girls made over 3 days with Andy in their technique and confidence. Thank you so much.
Claire, 01/2019

We have used LGS for the past 12 years experiencing everything from private lessons, freerider lessons and guided days. The service is always friendly, professional and very encouraging and highly recommended.
Lisa Hewitt, 01/2019

My son absolutely loved his first ski lesson and was buzzing afterwards. We'd been too nervous to start him until now, but we felt completely at ease after seeing Andy with the kids. My daughter didn't last long, but she said she wants to ski again, so that is a success too.
Amber, 01/2019

Friendly and professional instructors who make sure the sessions are fun and aimed at the right ability level. Our kids loved the experience.

Pete dealt very professionally with both our children, who I am so pleased to say have both caught the skiing bug!! If/when we return to Les Gets we will be booking we LGS again.
Martin Chance, 01/2019

Brilliant..... Pete taught my 9 year in a group & myself (private) who is very novice & lacking in confidence. Kev taught my 5 year old (private). Both boys have come on so well & have exceeded where I ever thought they would be after just 5 days. Pete was excellent with me & patient. I have come away wanting to ski next year. Thank you LGS.
Jo Redgrove, 01/2019

Great instructors, excellent communication. Great experience. Thanks
Simon Holland, 01/2019

Good lessons enjoyed by all - especially the 5 year old who loved Andy and Kev.
Luke Clifford, 01/2019

Great, friendly, patient instructors for both Adult and Children. Children loved Pete's lessons who made it fun and interesting for them so much so we added another day! Thank you!
Jude and Paul Wilson-Brown, 01/2019

Andy was great and accommodated our diverse family needs !

Pete was very good with my son (4 years old and first time skiing). Made it fun and was patient.

Tim taught our 7 Year old over Christmas. Normally he hates ski school but after each session we saw improvement And he was happy to show us what he’d learnt!

Easy to book and communication very good throughout. Pete was very nice having to accommodate a broad age range in our kids and they were very happy with their progress on the Snowboard.
Regína Böðvarsdóttir, 01/2019

Great tuition with friendly and fun instructor. The children improved hugely and were so happy with their progress.
Nichola Hinton, 01/2019

My daughter had great fun and came back from each lesson full of excitement about what she'd done and where she'd been. Lessons were challenging, she made noticeable progress and she pronounced Andy "the best ski instructor I have ever had!". A very happy customer!
The Ashleys, 01/2019

Peter was very friendly, patient and provided clear expert tuition. We had a very enjoyable holiday thanks to LGS.
Steve Ludbrook, 01/2019



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