" Tim was an excellent instructor - we asked him to help get our ski legs back after 15 years of not skiing and he more than met the brief. We both le... "


What You Have To Say

A wonderful, dedicated team that made the time with you about the whole family and whole experience, not just the lesson. A caring, professional and respectful team working hard to give you best time ever, going above and beyond expectations, never less than 110%.
Emma Callanan, 03/2022

From enquiry through to booking and then delivery we could not fault LGS. We have no hesitation recommending them or using them again.
Jane Backhouse, 03/2022

Kev made our lesson both informative and very enjoyable we practiced every day weather permitting and are looking forward to rebooking over the Christmas break when we return to Les Gets
Ruth Woods, 03/2022

Kev was very friendly and gave straightforward instructions. He reacted very fast to where we were going wrong so we could ski safely. Looking forward to more sessions next year.
Ryan Robinson, 03/2022

Kev was brilliant with our 4 year old daughter. Very patient! There is just no way we could have taught her the same but he did give us some tips to try with her in between lessons. He had a great way of wording things with her so she understood.
Emma Brotherton, 03/2022


Kev spent time with both our children and built their confidence on the snow. He also is great instructor for me, helping me to improve my abilities and trust myself more on the slopes. Thank you.
Rachael Holland, 03/2022

Fantastic. Pushed me to a level I never thought I could achieve.
Saffron, 03/2022

Andy had outstanding coaching ability - he took me from straight snowplough to getting on to parallel turns in just a few hours. By my 4th lesson I was able to ski blues confidently and even tried a red. Exceptional teacher and nice person to spend a chunk of time of my holiday with!
Sonny Prince, 03/2022

The kids loved it and improved so much over only a few days. They met their goal on feeling confident on a blue run by the end of their first ski trip.
Martin, 03/2022

Andy was a gentle but firm instructor for our 9 year old granddaughter. He taught he ways to "turn fear into confidence" and her skiing improved greatly and she's asked us if she may have Andy teach her again next year!
Valerie Hall, 03/2022

I had a great experience having lessons with Kev, he was incredibly patient, easy to talk to and had me feeling far more confident in a short amount of time. I’d highly recommend lessons.
Anna Clarke, 03/2022

Andy gave private lessons to my son and niece. They both really enjoy the lessons and improved massively during the ski break. We would definitely use Andy again, many thanks
Rob Shirley, 03/2022

Tim's relaxed and unpressured approach really helped me to rebuild my skiing confidence after a long break. Great communication and encouragement resulted in constructive and enjoyable lessons. Thank you Tim.
Rachel Angrave, 03/2022

Great lessons after a two year break. Pitched at just the right level and with clear insights that made a real difference to our skiing.
Antonia Clements, 03/2022

Well organised, responsive, accommodating and experienced. Would recommend to anyone.
Guy Hill, 03/2022

We had two great lessons with Tim. Really enjoyed our time out on the learner slopes. Would highly recommend.
Nicola Firth, 03/2022

Tim worked around my lack of confidence and helped move my skiing on nicely.

Professional. Quick to respond.
Zoe, 03/2022

Managed to significantly improve my skiing capabilities as a result of the lessons with LGS.
Dave Butler, 03/2022

Andy was excellent, my son loved the lessons. They had so much fun along with learning to ski can’t recommend enough.
Michelle, 03/2022

Seemless process and great communication before we arrived and the children just loved their week with Andy. They really benefitted from the small group size, great value for money.
Mark Follett, 03/2022

The lesson set us up for our weeks skiing - all 4 participants agreed unanimously that it helped improve our technique significantly!
Jim Ross, 03/2022

Excellent - would / will use again and recommend to anyone.
Jeremy Milward, 03/2022

Instructors were very patient and easygoing, really simple effective tips.

My private session with Kev was transformational for my ski holiday - he was patient, understanding of my worries and a first-class instructor. I would absolutely recommend LGS to anyone looking for lessons - whether a complete beginner or looking to top up on technique.
Alice, 03/2022

Kevin was fantastic, very patient and used different techniques, tips and analogies until I understood. Not easy learning to ski in your late 40's but Kevin made it make sense and after 2 lessons I was able to join my friends on the blue runs. Thank you very much, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kevin and LGS Ski School.
Cindy Denham, 03/2022

Excellent. Andy was extremely patient with me. My son George achieved more with Kev than I thought possible in just a few days!
James Sherwin, 03/2022

Time of meeting up, personal interaction and quality of instruction all spot on.

Andy was very friendly and helpful, I learnt a lot. Thank you!
Anna, 03/2022

Brilliant , kids enjoyed it , they were confident on the slopes and Tim was very nice and a great Instructor.
Caroline Di Giorgi, 03/2022

My children have skied multiple times with LGS. It is always a absolute pleasure and rewarding watching how they have progressed over the years. The right balance between teaching techniques and just having fun in the snow which always has my children looking forward to their lessons.

Kev was very patient and great with the kids whose skiing really improved over the week. Booking was easy and communication great, all in all a great experience.
Elizabeth Carter, 02/2022

Another brilliant week my kids absolutely loved their lessons with Kev he was so lovely and taught them so much! Will be booking for next year.
Olivia Morton, 02/2022

Emily (4 years old ) had a lesson with Andy and was immediately engaged with him and the lesson, she found it fun improved through out and Andy gave us the confidence you always get with LGS. It is a must for anyone of any age or standard wishing to improve or learn to ski. Tim and his team are always a great help with any questions you might have. 5* lessons from LGS.
Graeme Walton, 02/2022

Kev was caring, gentle and just the exact kind of person we could trust with our daughters first ski experience. Tim is easy to deal with. I had lots of contact with him as I had lots of family bookings to sort.
Simone Pantling, 02/2022

Tim is kind, calm, friendly and fun. His lessons are very enjoyable because you learn at the same time as it being fun.
Lucy Roper, 02/2022

The kids absolutely loved their lessons! Especially the Haggis Trap and the OPA ;)
Paul Milsom, 02/2022

Couldn’t be better.
Alun Newby, 02/2022

Great friendly personal service - as always.
Gavin Frost, 02/2022

It was terrific! Everything we’d hoped for and more.
Andrew Marshall, 02/2022

My two children enjoyed the lessons with Andy, showed great improvement and loved showing us the areas of the mountain they had skied during their lesson.

In only two hours we became much more comfortable skiers. Our technique was imporved very fast.
Mie Andreasen and Catherine Cax, 02/2022

I have been learning to ski with LGS since I was 3 years old and would happily go there for the rest of my life!
Charlotte Whiter, aged 11, 02/2022

Really easy booking and helpful communication. Lessons were fun and level appropriate - we all got to see plenty of the resort
Emma Hickinbotham, 02/2022

My children were really impressed with the detailed interaction and technicality used to improve their skiing technique. On the debrief I was impressed with the exercises they did and the takeaways given. keep it up.
Kirk Archibald, 02/2022

We booked a 2hr lesson for our 2 children. It was their 2nd time skiing. They came on in leaps and bounds after the lesson with Kev. They really enjoyed the session. I would have no hesitation recommending LGS/Kev and will be in contact when we come back next time.
Orla Phelan, 02/2022

Andy was excellent and managed our nerves through a successful couple of days. Thanks again.

Enrolled my 2 kids (5 and 9) to have some 'top-up' private lessons to supplement ski school (their first ever week of skiing) and the change to their confidence and ability was noticeable after just an hour. Amazing instructors - wouldn't hesitate to recommend and will be returning next year!
Caroline Lea, 02/2022

Tim was excellent and provided a perfect introduction to skiing. He managed to provide instant feedback and tips for everyone independently from carefully watching individual progress!
Matthew Howard, 02/2022

Kids had a great start to skiing and didn’t want to leave the resort! We all can’t wait for the next time.
Daryl Li, 02/2022

Friendly and approachable instructors and booking process so straight forward and very helpful during covid pandemic. Kev taught my son to ski independently and most importantly, my 6 year old is now a skiing fan for life, he absolutely loved his lessons!
Chloe Baxter, 02/2022

Confidence building and tolerant..far more tolerant than my husband !
Frances Gill, 02/2022

Best ski instruction I have ever had, learned so much and rebuilt my confidence and enjoyment of the sport.
Caron Pearson, 02/2022

Tim was an excellent instructor - we asked him to help get our ski legs back after 15 years of not skiing and he more than met the brief. We both left the lesson with confidence and a renewed enjoyment of the sport.
Hermione Kennedy, 02/2022

Great lessons, friendly, appropriate to what we needed and flexible in the delivery across our family.
Mark & Gina Copsey, 02/2022

Andy is the greatest, so much experience and skilled in teaching.
Kenzo van Maris, 02/2022

Kev was a very good instructor. He managed the group well whilst trying to bring out the best in their abilities.
Emma Fairbairns, 02/2022

Very helpful and friendly lesson which gave me the confidence I needed for the week.
Sam Dawson, 02/2022

Great - couldn’t ask for more. Kids loved both instructors and their skiing came on in leaps and bounds
Caroline Wade, 02/2022

I wasn't sure what could be achieved in just 1 lesson but it was so worth it. I had problems with my technique that I didn't realise and once I righted this I was suddenly able to ski 100 times better with less leg pain.

Easy to explain my needs. Straight forward to book and excellent tutoring from a English instructor. I would recommend LGS to anyone wanting ski lessons.
Ed Hayes, 02/2022

First time skiing and felt it was very helpful and delivered well. Making it an enjoyable experience and would definitely do lessons again.
Will Holland, 01/2022

Fantastic, we had lessons for complete beginners and intermediates and all left their lessons having had a fab time and learnt lots.

Really useful session with Tim, who gave us lots of tailored tips that really helped us to make the most of our skiing experience this year, thanks Tim!
Alice Rose, 01/2022

I always return to LGS as I think they are the best instructors in the area.
Helen, 01/2022

Great and versatile teaching (Andy), adapting to my daughter’s very different needs at the beginning and middle of holiday.
Gaius Coffey, 01/2022

Tim made really good use of the session, giving each of us personalised and constructive feedback and giving us a chance to work through his suggestions. He also helped us to find our way round the mountain.

Tim has turned me from a scared of blues to a strong red skier. Best instructor on the mountain.
Jennie Poate, 01/2022

Andy is a great instructor, and so kind which helps learning to ski and enjoy your time on the slopes!
Mirjam & Kenzo, 03/2020

Once again a fantastic experience! Will be coming back next year!
Georgios Antoniades, 03/2020

According to our boys, Kev was calm, reassuring, happy, friendly and super cool!! We will 100% book him again.
Helen Wilner, 03/2020

Pete's instruction was very good refreshing us with the basics of skiing, and also using our other sports/hobbies as a good analogy to skiing skills.
Chris and Barbara, 03/2020

Excellent instruction.
Ruth Ince, 03/2020

Positive - we all finished the week much more confident and capable because we practiced what Kev taught us during the lesson.
Christine, 03/2020

Our children have always looked forward to the lessons. Peter is more like a friend to them.
Eve Taylor, 03/2020

Invaluable learnings of technique and also very personable and enjoyable experience with Tim
Phil Green, 03/2020

My 4 year old son absolutely loved his lessons with Pete, he was so patient, fun and engaging. They were my sons first ski lessons and he is already asking when he is having another lesson with Pete!
Chloe Baxter, 03/2020

Fantastic experience, really grateful for your expert guidance and patience in helping me progress throughout the week - thanks Tim!
Lisa Journeaux, 03/2020

The lesson was great. Kev is a great teacher. If we come back to Les gets I would not hesitate to use you again.
Victoria, 02/2020

The new Teen Explorers sessions provided the perfect setting for our daughter to increase her experience and skill at skiing a variety of terrain and at a pace that her parents can no longer keep up with!
Abigail Huntington, 02/2020

Pete assessed our ability and really helped us progress in a short space of time. We started as complete beginners and he allowed us to have a complete ski holiday as by the end of the week we even completed red slopes by using his techniques.
Kirsty Boardman, 02/2020

I asked lizzie about her lessons her response... 'Pete was brilliant and the lessons were great fun!!'
Jill Gribble, 02/2020

Great lessons for both the adults and children. Worked really hard and developed our skills a lot during the time.
Rebecca Noyce, 02/2020

I had my twin boys with Pete and they not only enjoyed the lessons but came out as more improved and confident skiers by the end of the week. Be back next year
Sri, 02/2020

The lesson was great. Kev is a great teacher. If we come back to Les Gets I would not hesitate to use you again.
Victoria, 02/2020

Tim was very helpful and analysed the faults in my skiing technique quickly and gave me simple advice that improved my skiing a lot.
Liam Wilson, 02/2020

Both kids had a brilliant time in their ski lessons, both improving loads and having such fun as they learnt! Tim and Pete treated them as individuals tailoring the lessons to get the best out of them. Thank you so much!
C Richardson, 02/2020

Second year of lessons with LGS for our two children, and Kev picked up just where Andy left off last year - fantastic! Would highly recommend!
Richard Brian, 02/2020

My grandson said it was the best ski lessons ever! Tim was always prompt, professional and friendly. Great picking up at the top of the bubble.
Alison Hollands, 02/2020

Our fourth year with LGS and a key reason we return to Les Gets. Superb instruction, great balance of learning technique while having fun and building confidence. Sophie and Cesca describe their lessons as fun and supportive, Pete was always there when we needed him to give us advice.
Claire Brown, 02/2020

From booking right through to the end of my last lesson Tim was great , clear concise instruction and enjoyable lessons made it a total pleasure to learn from Tim and his knowledge of Les Gets and surrounding areas is brilliant. Can’t recommend LGS enough.
Graeme Walton, 02/2020

Professional, friendly, organised, brilliant fun. Made the whole weeks experience fantastic.
Ness Cowdrey, 02/2020

Excellent teaching, significant improvement in our skiing ability and confidence on the slopes, thank you!
Sophie and Oliver Bowyer, 02/2020

Pete was v quick to make me feel at ease, capture my concerns and plan our session accordingly. His clear instruction immediately alleviated my fear and changed my attitude to skiing for the rest of my trip. 3 simple tips = game changer! Thank you Pete
Kirsty Parkin, 02/2020

Pete recently helped our 4 year old Daughter Eliza with an introduction to Skiing. Kind and patient with her, couldnt have asked for more. She really enjoyed the lessons, despite some tears (to be expected) and definately wants to keep up skiing.
Paul Head, 02/2020

Our boys were with Pete last year, They were are very excited when I told them he was going to teach them again. That says it all for me! Thank you
Sam Havler, 02/2020

Tim was able to remind me of a few fundamentals to get me back on the slopes after a long time. Really helped my confidence.
Clare, 02/2020

Pete did a great job of teaching my 17 year old son new skills and helping me change my out of date technique learnt 30 years ago!
Richard Batty, 02/2020

I found that 1 hr lesson to be the best money I spent all week. I learned more in that hour than I did in a week of classes with ESF who I had booked with before I traveled. We did 4 lifts in one hour in a absolute blizzard but I enjoyed every second of it and took so much from it. Will definitely be using LGS on my next ski holiday.
Patrick Flannery, 02/2020

Hello Tim. I loved skiing with you, you are the best ski instructor I have had. I enjoyed doing the black, it was the best run on earth!
Dylan (age 8), 02/2020

Dear Tim. Thank you so much for teaching me more about skiing, you made it more fun (which I didn't know it was possible), On the last day I even managed to do a 360 which I was so proud of and i am getting better at landing my jumps. Many thanks.
Molly (age 11), 02/2020

Returning to skiing after c25 years last year, the LGS instructor helped me consolidate my learning from last year and helped me progress to ski confidently on my own. Would recommend.
Lorraine, 02/2020

Amazing! This was the 1st time I’ve had an English instructor, and some of the tips Pete gave me have transformed both my skiing, and my understanding of what I was supposed to be doing! He also did a fantastic job of showing us the resort, even down to recommending brilliant piste side restaurants. Thank you.

Both our children thoroughly enjoyed their time skiing with Tim and by the end of the week had grown in both confidence and skill and had had great fun at the same time!
Sarah Ramsay, 02/2020

Fantastic! I wanted lessons where English was first language as my 6 yr old is very anxious. Both kids loved it and Pete and Andy were great with them.
Caroline Wade, 02/2020

Tim you did a great job. We were really happy.
James Roper, 02/2020

Pete was an amazing instructor built my confidence and took me to lots of slopes I wouldn’t have gone to on my own. Highly recommend.
Frank Virgilio, 02/2020

Miller was a nervous skier and Tim made him feel totally at ease and it was his favourite part of the holiday!
Rob da Bank, 02/2020

Just what we needed to move our technique on.
Robert and Rosy Ferguson, 02/2020

As this was our first time on the slopes, Pete turned the potentially daunting experience of learning to ski into a completely fun and very manageable one. Consequently, after only a few hours of lessons we had the skills to turn a good, fun holiday into an excellent one.
David and Grace Hardie, 02/2020

5 hours of private lessons and felt like I had 50! Noticed such improvement and confidence has completely transformed.
Caroline Radford, 02/2020

Straightforward and easy to book. Experienced and kind teacher.
Annette, 02/2020

Thoroughly enjoyable set of lessons. I’m shocked at how much I improved - thank you so much Tim. See you next year!
Meg, 02/2020

An excellent lesson that did exactly what I wanted - gave me a few things to change about my skiing. The lesson helped my confidence and technique enormously.
Sara Brown, 02/2020

My wife and I had one to one private lessons we both improved due the the excellent instruction.
Peter Lupino, 02/2020

LGS tuition is first class. We faced blizzard type conditions on the day but this didn’t spoil the experience due to Kevin’s expert guidance and calm approach to the art of skiing. We learnt a number of tips and tricks that will take our skiing to the next level.
Fergus Clawson, 02/2020

Fun, positive lessons with remarkable results - great confidence builder

Tim provided excellent tuition that was individually tailored to our needs. We have greatly improved our skiing and lessons have really contributed to our overall holiday enjoyment.
Ian and Dee Snudden, 02/2020

The kids loved it, got on really well with Andy and he had them skiing in a couple of days. We'll be back next year and be rebooking.
John and Gemma Treby, 02/2020

Kev immediately assessed our abilities and tailored the subsequent lessons to ensure we made material advances without risking confidence setbacks.
Michael Rees, 02/2020

Tim was excellent. Very patient and helped me focus on a couple of key things which worked well for me.
Susan Couper, 01/2020

Tim provided an excellent day of guiding and help with our skiing technique, which is just what we wanted. My daughter and myself had a wonderful day. Thank you so much Tim.
Damian & Daisy, 01/2020

LGS was a really professional experience, from the booking to the lesson to the follow on - really enhanced the rest of my holiday, thanks Tim
Simon Gillibrand, 01/2020

Our third year of lessons with Tim and we are delighted with the results. He has the knack of focusing on key areas that make a real difference and inspires confidence on the slopes. A great coach and good company, he gives productive and enjoyable lessons.
Antonia Clements, 01/2020

Excellent consolidation session for my wife - just what was requested. She came again brimming with confidence. Could not have been a better experience. Well done LGS and Andy.
Jonathan Charlton, 01/2020

Thanks Kev. Totally attuned to my quiet little neice who came out skiing with confidence!
Anita Gulati, 01/2020

We progressed so much within 2 hours, Pete was a very good instructor and instilled so much confidence within the first hour. Well worth the cost of the lessons.
Stewart Curwen, 01/2020

Andy is a great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. No-one in our group was left behind and everyone improved and left the holiday feeling confident for next year!

I loved my lessons with Tim. Being a beginner, he is patient and fantastic at teaching me how to ski. I can't wait to return for further lessons next year.
Emma Best, 01/2020

An ideal week of lessons for the children, allowing them to progress their skiing and having a great time at the same time.
Alistair Graham, 01/2020

Great experience Andy did exactly what we asked for- to give us confidence to tackle more challenging runs and some “survival” techniques to help us get out of trouble
Lindsay Occleston, 01/2020

Second year of fantastic skiing lessons with Tim. We worked on developing my technique and improving confidence so I could enjoy some red runs!Second year of fantastic skiing lessons with Tim. We worked on developing my technique and improving confidence so I could enjoy some red runs!
Laura, 01/2020

I had Kevin teach me for the second year running. He was fantastic, pushed me and improved my technique. I look forward to re booking with him next year.
Hywel, 01/2020

Fantastic lesson, friendly helpful and tailored the communication to our hobbies to help improve us individually. Five star.
Clare O'Brien & Georgia Howell, 01/2020

We booked lessons for the Mums and Pete was brilliant, patient and understanding with us all. Following three shared private lessons I felt much more confident in tackling slopes (even Myrtle!) that I would have avoided previously, and even my children commented at the difference in speed and confidence. My boys had free rider lessons with Kev, who was attentive and exacting, which the kids responded to and noticeably improved in their techniques. It has been invaluable returning to LGS for the last 5 years for lessons for the boys as this continuity has been very important in reinforcing and refining technique, whilst constantly being taught about safety on the mountain.
Mohini Coppell, 01/2020

An inspiring 3 hours for my girls with Andy yet again, a real blast around the mountain doing all the runs I'm too scared/old to do, with lots of good ski tips along the way. Thank you.
Sally Campbell, 01/2020

The boys absolutely loved their lessons with Kev and i'd like to thank him for adjusting the pattern of the lessons so that he had time to take the boys to more challenging terrain on Mont Chery. Also just wanted to add that the lessons my friends booked - for the mums (with Pete) and the girls (with Tim) were once again brilliant and we all felt our technique improved.

That was our first ever experience of a winter holiday and being on skis we so enjoyed the experience. Andy was so patient with us and such a nice chap.
Mark & Lorraine, 01/2020

Excellent friendly and fun lessons tailored to individual needs.
Lisa Hewitt, 01/2020

Very professional. Instructors are all very friendly and knowledgeable.

Pete is a wonderful instructor and my daughter enjoyed every lesson with him.
Olivia Morton, 01/2020

Really patient instructors with a great sense of humour.
Hema Amin, 12/2019

Incredibly patient and explained everything in a way that was easily understood by new skiers. Encouraging also.
Leah and Elouise, 12/2019

We all enjoyed our lessons with Pete. The kids especially progressed quickly within them which made for a great weeks skiing. We would definitely use LGS again.
Georgina Loom, 12/2019

Andy made sure we were all ready to enjoy skiing for the rest of our holiday, he has worked hard to make sure we can all get down most blues and reds. We also have skills to work on too!
Judith Yeo, 12/2019