How To: Fasten your ski boots

Not all ski schools and instructors explain how your ski boots should be fastened correctly. It's really important to have comfortable feet, so we've created this short video to help.

  • One smooth layer of sock: To avoid pressure points when you fasten your ski boot, ensure you have one layer of ski sock pulled up tight and no other items of clothing inside the boot.
  • Prepare the boot: Make sure all the clips and straps are completely undone before putting your foot in the boot.
  • Position the tongue: Once your foot is in the boot, ensure the tongue is located inside the rest of the inner boot and aligned straight at the front of your shin.
  • Start fastening: Lightly fasten your boot starting around your ankle. Gently tap the heel on the ground to make sure your foot is back in the boot.
  • Finishing off: Go back over the clips adding a bit of tension (by changing notch or using the micro adjustment) so the fit feels snug.
  • Hire equipment: If you're hiring ski boots don't be afraid to go back to the ski hire shop if your feet are uncomfortable. Most ski hire shops in Les Gets are willing to take the time to make adjustments or change your boots if necessary.

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