How To: Get back up after a fall

We all fall over whist skiing right! Here's a short video clip showing you how to stand up properly to help save frustration and energy.

  • Ground work: If you're on a slope, manoeuvre yourself into a position where both skis are on the downhill side and pointing across (not pointing up or down) the slope.
  • Starting to stand: Bend your knees and keep your shoulders forward. To stand up, push with the uphill hand and keep the other hand forwards.
  • Using poles to help: Perhaps your ski instructor has already suggested using poles. Start by putting the tips of the poles in the snow, close to your backside. Push yourself up with the uphill hand near the base of the pole and the other hand on top.
  • Hints: The flatter the slope, the harder it is to get up.  It may be simpler to take the uphill ski off if the slope is gentle. Learning how to stand up properly can be tricky for some people, so take the time outside ski school lessons to practise.